This are some of Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to do to start using Rensoft?

First you need to create your personal or business Rensoft account by signing up on our website. When you log in to your account for the first time, the system will guide you through the steps required to start working on Rensoft. If you need help with the initial setup, don’t hesitate to ask and we’re happy to help.

How secure is Rensoft?
Can I use Rensoft in my country?
Are there limits to upload storage in Rensoft?
Can I get my old data (customers/policies etc.) into Rensoft?
Can I enter my confidential customer details into your system?
What insurance companies does Rensoft support?
What insurance product lines does Rensoft support?
Can Rensoft work with Personal/Commercial insurance lines?
Can I give different permissions to users?
Do I have to pay extra for customer support?
How can I pay for using Rensoft?
What are the setup costs involved for using Rensoft?
Can I use Rensoft system offline?
Do you have a mobile app?
Can I send emails from Rensoft?
Where is Rensoft based?

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